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Renewal of the Board of Directors in Groupauto Italia

Segrate, 8th May 2023. Groupauto Italia renews its Board of Directors.

Following the Groupauto Italia Members' Meeting held on Thursday, May 3, 2023 in Milan, Italy, the Board of Directors of Groupauto Italia is enriched with 3 new directors. Riccardo Califano is confirmed as President of the organization, Enrico Succo as CEO. The appointed directors are: Luigi Di Maggio of the company SIRE of Padua, Adam Ayioub of the company ADR of Rome, Karin Rivella of the company D.R. of Turin, ARTURO SANFELICI of the company SABARICAMBI of Reggio Emilia, Roberto Rossi of the company CATI of Turin, Mauro Bianco of the company COARSA of Sanluri (CA) and Francesco Corrado of the company TRUCK COMPANY GROUP of Milan. The renewal of the Board of Directors once again expresses the unity of Groupauto members and the will to continue the development of the organization's strategy.