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GROUPAUTO International to acquire a minority stake in Softeca

Softeca has been developing information and management systems as key elements of GROUPAUTO’s business model for several years, and this part-acquisition strengthens that relationship

Neuilly-sur-Seine, 9th March 2022 - GROUPAUTO International (GAI) has today announced that it has taken a 33% stake in Burgos-based software developer Softeca.

GAI and Softeca have already collaborated extensively on the GNM Systems, a multi-modular technology platform that supports parts distributors and workshops with a variety of functions, including parts catalogues, workshop management, and fleet integration. This system is a key element of GAI’s “Driving to Tomorrow” programme, which recognises the importance of digital tools in the automotive aftermarket and seeks to make this a central element of the company’s growth and modernisation.

The automotive industry is undergoing significant digitisation, which requires the use of a new set of tools such as live vehicle-data, electronic-catalogues, booking systems, lead generators, and dealer management systems. The digital transformation of the automotive industry will continue, and GAI and its members recognise that the independent aftermarket must be an active participant as well as a driving factor in this transformation.

GAI’s investment in Softeca is recognition not only of this transformation, but also that Softeca and its CEO Ignacio Cantera are hugely valuable partners. The investment will further solidify the partnership between GAI and Softeca, and provide additional value and a long-term development strategy to support aftermarket players around the world.

GAI’s President & CEO Holger Hellmich said, “We are delighted to strengthen further our relationship with a key partner in Softeca and I look forward to working even more closely with Ignacio Cantera to develop and deliver important tools for all members and partners who are interested.”

Softeca's Founder & CEO, Ignacio Cantera, said, “This union is a source of great pride. It consolidates GAI’s digitalisation strategy and will advance our efforts to ensure GAI’s differentiation in the industry, bringing yet more value to their customers and suppliers. We are extremely proud to be able to work with Holger Hellmich, his team, and members of the Group. This union will allow Softeca to grow and flourish without compromising our core values.”